Monday, March 11, 2013

Rodan & Fields Giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway, right? What is better than a giveaway? Why, it's a Rodan & Fields giveaway!! Leslie over at Lamberts Lately is hosting this fabulous giveaway.

Just in case you don't know what Rodan & Fields is it is an INCREDIBLE skin care line from the makers of Proactive. I've been using the Reverse line for about a month and, well, it is awesome!

So, head on over to Leslie's Blog and enter her giveaway. I promise, you won't be disappointed in Rodan & Fields!

Friday, January 11, 2013

2nd Annual Operation Zipper Pouch

Here is a great opportunity for you to help support our troops overseas. Operation Zipper Pouch was started by my friend Kathy whose husband Tom is a member of the National Guard. Here is a little history on Operation Zipper Pouch (OZP).

Tom has served 2 12 month deployments, the most recent being in Iraq from March 2009-2010. Tom and Kathy had 3 small children at the time. It meant so much to Kathy (and to Tom) when people would send him cards, letters, packages, and emails to let him know he was not forgotten. Once Tom returned home, Kathy began selling Thirty-One. She wanted some way to give to other deployed soldiers what had been given to her husband while deployed...and Operation Zipper Pouch was born!

Last year people ordered zipper pouches from Thirty-one through Kathy and had "Thank You" embroidered on each pouch. Kathy used all of her commission from OZP to buy "goodies" to fill each pouch along with a "Thank you note". In it's 1st year OZP sent 28 "care package" pouches to members of the 230th Engineer Battalion stationed in Kuwait. Their FRG (Family Readiness Group) oversaw the distribution and gave the pouches to the men and women who had little or no family support. (I think it's a shame that every soldier does not have someone back home supporting him/her).

2012 Operation Zipper Pouch and Kathy

2012 Operation Zipper Pouch

This year, the goal is 50 pouches. However, the pouches this year will be different. Kathy will be using the thermal-lined pouch in a camo print (it's actually less expensive than last year since there isn't any monogramming needed). Each pouch is $15 but with shipping and tax the grand total is $17.70 per pouch.

If you would like to help here's how you can do it!

Click on "My Parties"

Click on "Operation Zipper Pouch military drive"

Simply choose item number 4060 in CAMO.

Be sure to click "SHIP ITEMS TO HOST" so the pouches will go directly to Kathy.

The deadline is January 18, 2013.

This is an easy and cheap way to say a simple "Thank You" to our soldiers overseas!

This is the thermal-lined pouch in CAMO that Operation Zipper Pouch is using this year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Specials!

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing...It's Cyber Monday! Are you ready for this...Christmas is less than a month away. Can you believer it? Have you started your shopping yet? I have not and I need to get with it!

I have some great Scentsy specials for Cyber Monday going on right now. If you are interested send me an email at . My Cyber Monday Specials will expire on November 30th.

In addition to my specials, Scentsy still has their Buddy Holiday special going on right now. Buy 1 Buddy get the other Buddy FREE! (Lenny the Lamb and Wellington the Duck are not included in this special). You get to pick out 1 Scent Pak and Scentsy will pick out the other Scent Pak for you. Buddies are incredibly soft and will look great under your Christmas tree!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Fun at Walden Farm

We love our church. We love our church family. We love all the family activities the church offers. We are very lucky to have the Walden families (brothers Robert and Raymond) as members of our church. Not just because of their leadership as elders but also because they own Walden Pumpkin Farm. Every year on a Sunday night the entire church goes to Walden Farm for fun, food, and fellowship. There is the corn maze, the pumpkin farm, hayrides, hot dogs, drinks, dessert, animals, slides, and more. The amazing part is it is free for us.

This was our first year to take Molly and we all had a blast. Molly loves being outside so this was right up her alley. We started out at the pumpkins.

After we spent time in the pumpkins we decided to head over to the slide. Molly loves to slide! Keith took Molly down the slide first.

Then it was my turn with Molly.

After the slide, we decided to take advantage of the surroundings so we took pictures.

After the meltdown, we headed back down the hill but made a pit-stop for a few more pictures.

We had to find out how tall was Molly this fall. It looks like she is about 2 1/4 feet tall. Tracey helped me with the picture. Since we were close to the chickens, Keith had to take a detour and missed this part of the farm. Tracey had to "hold" Molly in place so I could take the picture. Once Molly realized Tracey was doing her best to hide from the camera, Molly had to see what was behind her.

After Molly realized there was someone behind her, Molly never turned around for another picture. Oh well.

We met back up with Keith for the hayride. We knew Molly would love the hayride because she loves the wind in her face.

After the hayrides it was time for dinner and time to go home.  It was such a wonderful evening to spend the afternoon and evening with our church family.

Molly and her buddy Robert Walden

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wicks Don't Make Scents

Have you met Tom? If not then let me introduce you to him. Tom is Scentsy's October Warmer of the Month. Tom is a full-feathered turkey that glows from within when lit. He also has distressed edges to give him a beautiful worn look to his classic detailing. Tom will look great with your Thanksgiving decorations. There's no doubt Tom will become a mainstay for your fall decor. If ordered during the month of October, you will receive a 10% discount.  If you would like to make Tom a part of your family just click on the Scentsy button on the right hand side of the blog.

Feel free to email me at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mom's Potato Salad

One of my all time favorite foods that my mom makes is her potato salad (my favorite is the turkey she makes on Thanksgiving).  It is always requested at all holidays and family gatherings. I was craving her potato salad the other day so I called her to get the recipe and the response I got from my mom was "Oh, I don't have a recipe. I just wing it." So, after a little coaxing I got some sort of "recipe" from her. It's super easy and you can adjust it to your taste which works out great since there really isn't a recipe.

Mom's Potato Salad
Red Potatoes (they are more firm when cooked and will not fall apart when stirring unlike other types)
Jar of Pimentos
Green Bell Pepper
Mayonnaise (just enough to mix everything together - maybe a cup)
Mustard (just enough to give the salad a little color - maybe a tablespoon)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash, peel, and cube the potatoes. Boil the potatoes until you can stick a fork in them. Do not boil until they are soft because you need the potatoes to be a little firm  (because when you stir everything together you want potato salad not mashed potato salad). Drain the potatoes and let them cool for a little bit. Add all the ingredients to you liking. Stir. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I took the plunge a few weeks ago and joined the Scentsy family as a consultant. Feel free to visit my website. A few weeks in to this new adventure and I can  honestly say I'm glad I made the decision to sell Scentsy. I joined during the perfect season...right as Scentsy was rolling out their 2012 Holiday Collection. Ah! The holidays! Scentsy even has aa Buddy Holiday!

Right now Scentsy is running an incredible deal on their Scentsy Buddy. It's buy 1 get 1 FREE! Yes, I said free but it is only while supplies last! You get to pick the 2 Buddies you want and 1 Scent Pak. Scentsy will pick the 2nd Scent Pak. Pooki the Polar Bear and Scentsy Baby Buddy are excluded from this event.  Shop here for the Buddy Holiday!

What's a Scentsy Buddy? It's a cute stuffed animal that has a zippered "pocket" on the back for you to insert a Scent Pak. They make great Christmas gifts and baby shower gifts. My mom gave me Lenny the Lamb with the Newborn Nursery Scent Pak when I was pregnant with Molly. I keep Lenny on the shelf in Molly's room and her room smells so nice! Look here for the Buddy Holiday!

If you decorate for Halloween we have a few warmers that you might want to help set the tone!

If you enjoy Christmas we also have a few warmers you might like as well.

Use a piece of chalk to write how many days till Christmas. The kids will love counting down till Christmas.

These are just a few of our warmers we have for the holiday season. If you want to see the full collection you can view it here!